1st Grade:
First graders are learning how to be good digital citizens on the internet. They have learned how to be safe when visiting websites, and what is considered to be private information that should not be shared with others on the internet. We are gearing up to learn all about our school Google accounts and how to access them!

2nd Grade:
Second graders are becoming "Google Doc Ninjas"! They are working on a variety of belt levels in order to become familiar with the different functionality involved with word processing in Google Docs.

3rd Grade:
During library and technology, 3rd graders are learning all about the Iditarod race in Alaska. We are in the middle of researching basic facts about the race, learning about Alaska, and researching the dog breeds and mushers involved in the race. As a final project, students are going to create an Iditarod slide show on the web tool Adobe Spark. They are also going to follow a musher(and his or her progress) during the actual race - it begins on March 3rd.

4th Grade:
Fourth graders are working on a "Colorado Vacation Project". With a partner, they are researching a town in Colorado in order to design a 3-night, 4-day trip for an out of town family. They are learning about the geography, history, and different activities available in their town. They are also creating a budget sheet in Google Sheets to use for the trip. Students will be required to created a Google slide show as a final project that reflects all of their research. It will act as a "travel plan" for their visiting family!

5th Grade:
Fifth graders are starting a collaborative project during library/technology time related to their current social studies unit on early exploration. We are focusing on early the early U.S. colonies of Jamestown, Roanoke, and Plymouth. They are going to work in small groups and research one of the colonies. As a final project, each group will complete a radio show about their colony.